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january 15 finding myself nipping away doing still more rewrites tonight. trying to clarify and smooth a bunchof things and adding some little scenes.
january12, 2008 1:44am
have spent every night all week deep in photography and by monday should have another 7-800 feet ready for the lab.. after that i could be only about a half roll or so away from having the whole movie in the can. i only have the ending and a few odds and ends left to animate. the studio has no heating so ive been working in a hooded bundle with multiple pairs of socks but i seem to be moving quickly through it all.. there's a handful of tricky compositing here and there that i'm curious to watch and a couple moments where i've held so many little bits and pieces of things in place beneath the lens that ive had to flip over the viewfinder switch with my nose. shooting has sort of made all the days and nights the same though and ive been moving around in a blank robot blur and extended solitary confinement is not turning out to be a verygood thing either. tonight smells like mustard.
all these years of seeing flat envelopes that read DO NOT BEND OR FOLD, and i never before realized they were meant to be friendly words of encouragement.

january 3, 2008 you know what i hate? i hate when they draw the new year as a fat baby in a diaper and the old year as an old man in a sash wandering off to die
dece,ber 31, 2007 it's getting windy outside and little rocks are plinging against the window. my head's been feeling out of shape and lazy this month. today i finished animating a long sequence that took a couple weeks and am happy to come up for air and look around.. will have a solid chunk of photography waiting for me in january and then will be drawing the end of the movie. i have a bad habit some times of over thinking the future and the past while letting the present kind of slip by un-noticed. 2007 started well and ended sort of sadly and weird. it's another new year tomorrow and it looks like it could be a busy one. i hope you get the renewal, forgiveness, and auld acquaintances that come with it
december 18, 2007 tonight i am coloring a scene with sidewalk chalk. the chalk sticks look like sugar and i want to eat them. the tide has been really low lately revealing a strange wash of black shiny pebbles and heavy sea snails that have those swirly shells that end in sharp points. am animating through the holidays and then gonna shoot what could be the last roll for the movie in early january before i go disappear and take a break. meanwhile it sounds like my little thing for tv is a go once the budget is figured out. stay warm out there. go see "the diving bell and the butterfly". hello 2008

november 17, 2007 last night i dreamt i was part of a space shuttle crew. i was scared leaving for the shuttle and as i was loading my car i couldn't remember all the things i needed to pack and all the safety questions i had for the guy on the phone. but when we got up there it wasn't as bad or scary as i'd thought. and there was a lot of ice cream on board. somehow it was believed that eating ice cream would help prevent you from having a stroke as we rapidly returned to earth. as we were preparing to go home everyone was also nervous that the shuttle might explode on re-entry. and as we were descending i was eating an ice cream bar and secretly hoped that if something bad had to happen, the ship wouldn't explode, but just everyone else would get strokes.
november 15, 2007
the science book i'm reading describes the following experiment that has been repeated many times but never explained. a person's nervous system is monitored while being shown images on a blank screen. sometimes the person is also placed in an MRI. a computer chooses at random intervals whether to show the person a calm image (waves, clouds, bunny) or an emotional image (car crash, sex, murder). each image is on the screen for only a couple seconds and disappears. as expected, the person involuntarily reacts when he sees one of the emotional scenes - measured by a big spike in skin conductance, heart rate, or blood oxygen levels in the brain - while the calm images that are shown generate little reaction and the monitors stay flatlined. what shouldn't be happening though, is all the involuntary reactions to the emotional images clearly begin to light up and climb just moments before each emotional image appears on screen. (remember that the viewer is unable to anticipate when each image will come up, and does not know what type of image it will be). in other words, the brain appears to be reacting to events that haven't happened yet.

november 10, 2007
in theory i am now animating the last 4-ish minutes of the film.
sleep this week has also been theoretical_)
here's one more old photo that i like

october 15, 2007
in chapter two bill comes across a hundred year old photo album. i love old photos and it was a lot of fun to "age" these, even if they'll only be in the movie for a moment:

october 12, 2007 5:14am discovered some lost holga shots while cleaning, maybe 2002-2003. i like these

october 6, 2007something's wrong with the speakers i've plugged into my computer. for the last few weeks theyve begun to crackle and pop, even when they're not playing anything. it was irritating at first because it made all my music sound like it was on vinyl but now i kind of like it because it makes it sound like there's a fire in the room
september 26, 2007
hello austin where are you?
september 24, 2007
let me axe you something
september 15, 2007 had a late night in la watching all the new footage, about ten more minute's worth that had been waiting here in the safe. overall looking good, real loose and wild, some of the most experimental stuff i've seen, kinda all over the map. i need a few reshoots but can't wait to start editing to give it the kick to see how it all connects. even more things will probably be cut now or rewritten, i might have already said this but i don't think i've reshuffled and reimagined a piece so often like this since rejected.. it's all in the name of good news but there's probably going to be more deleted scenes from this movie than any other. i think i could be done with picture by the end of the year if i can get a little more motivated. meanwhile the OK DVD is now done, right before my deadline to sign off on it i decided to add one last minute hidden extra, which you will discover by pressing right or left from the special features menu, just an interesting new way to watch the movie. more animating this weekend and monday im off to atlanta to pitch that new thing for tv
september 2, 2007
feels great to be shooting again. as i go i'm finding camera notes and ideas i'd forgotten about... one scene caught me completely unprepared, needed to frame a character down through a layer of leaves and sticks attached to the camera. which explains why i was tearing branches from the foliage of the neighboring industrial complex in the middle of the night.
august 26, 2007got a cold. think ive got the camera fixed and shot a test today. the animation's really piled up while waiting for the cam so once im back in photography it'll take a really big bite out. only got two pages of story left to animate beyond that
august 18. 2007 >i think i may have found the ending. listening to music just now suddenly made everything fall in place. did more shuffling and rewriting and two more things cut out. it's the same ending more or less but the music will change everything. there are two scenes in there that hadn't been written with music in mind but i think they should still perform as well. and i think i can adapt a longer scene to still fit by cutting it up and cross-cutting to it. which made me realize, in 12 years i don't think ive ever cross-cut to anything. how is that possible? i think this is going to be an amazing ending.
"remember that time in the room when you punched me in the neck?"
august 17, 2007 the hills are still on fire. fifty thousand foot mushroom clouds float over the city every morning and snow weird ash down on everything, swirling around thick in the street in black and white flurries. every other day the sky goes muddy and the shadows blue and orange. ive been sleepy, been working too slow. the number of things i see david L juggling at once makes me feel unbelievably lazy. havent figured out a small scene, so animated around it for now. cutting a few other minor bits. hope to be back in photography before the end of the month. also trying to plan a trip in sept for this possible tv thing. everybody here has headaches.
romantic comedy seen in a parking lot: woman is leaving man. she has all her luggage out and a friend is helping her load the minivan. man is on his knees begging, swearing there were no other girls while she was away. she's having none of it. he's sobbing loudly.. screaming "it was just the internet!" ..look into my eyes! look into my eyes! he says over and over. fat neighbor woman in her underwear with a barbed wire tattoo wanders into parking lot and stands there watching. the friend is off her cell phone now and says something. man turns red and snaps at her to shut the fuck up. they trade insults. he's not crying anymore. he says he's sorry for beating woman, but after all, she beat him sometimes too. "remember that time in the room when you punched me in the neck?" the minivan is loaded now. he stands in front of it so she can't drive away. "i guess you're just gonna have to run me over". friend starts driving anyway and he walks backwards. now he says he's gonna lie down in the road, he swears to god he's gonna lie down in the road. then he climbs on top of the minivan and says they're just going to have to drive down the street with him on it. he is called a "worthless, jobless sack of shit". they start driving away with him. he says, "and don't forget who's got your motorcycle! yeah that's right bitches, you ain't getting that back!" friend hits the brakes and screams at him to get the fuck off her car else she's going to "get out and start throwing punches". man slides down the hood. they drive off yelling insults at him. he might be crying again. as they finally turn the corner he yells "fucking cunts!" they're gone. he's all alone in the parking lot and suddenly the neighborhood is quiet again. he looks at the ground and starts picking up some loose change that he had dropped there.
august 17, 2007 scenes recently animated. this is just scanned production art
july 29, 2007
made some final, final fixes and tweaks to OK's sound mix tonight for the upcoming DVD. all but one is a minor change. things that had been bothering me. if anyone actually notices the changes, you will win a prize
july 25, 2007
unnecessary fact: when a cotton animation glove gets sweaty i put it on top of the lamp to dry and wear another. and somehow all the hot drying gloves smell like baking cookies. i am 93% sugar. tonight animating a shower. work on the "ok" dvd is almost done. i've been repeatedly watching this car crash. guessing most of you have probably already seen it. but the more i study this guy hurtling through the air surrounded by smoke and glass, the more strangely beautiful it seems. best viewed with no volume in slow motion. it's almost hypnotic.
obviously, the cat is killing people july 7, 2007 i found this giant weed growing in the street. it's sort of amazing. wouldn't you think a car would have run over this thing by now?
ive been back in photography and had a couple of good nights but ran into camera trouble this afternoon. it seems to be the exact same problem i had 2 years ago with another burnt out microswitch. the camera has been having a difficult year. i had been thinking about picking up a second camera rig to have as a backup and now im thinking maybe i just hurt her feelings.
pterodactyl claw,pterodactyl claw.
tell me about it.
tell me about it.
june 14, 2007
burrowing here in the bay area getting the ball rolling on the "OK" DVD. animating a scene involving phantoms. was rewriting and moving things around the ch2 story before i left and wound up transplanting a scene from ch3 into there. every little thing is getting interesting. the weather is hot and by day the cats are some sort of pliable liquid. it is only when the air cools that they seem to harden and assume a catlike shape. i have been posting production art but i may have some actual ch2 screencaps to share soon

june 7, 2007
i'm gonna pitch a tv series. i've had a little piece of an idea for a couple years, and this week it suddenly seemed to come together with some other stuff and really make sense. chapter 2's coming along fine and i should probably be chipping away at writing chapter3, but totally veered off writing this other thing instead. in all these years i've never thought i had a good enough idea to frame a tv series around, so this could really be something. and i think at this point i would really welcome getting onboard with something new that for once i wouldn't have to animate every single frame of, alone.
this is a spanish tv translation of "rejected", re-translated back into english. the sad thing is it sort of improves the movie.
june 1, 2007
may 26, 2007

may 6, 2007
there's a new kentucky fried chicken commerical on tv that shows off how insanely popular they are in china, how their fried chicken chains have replaced all traditional chinese dishes put together as the most popular chicken in all of china, and how there is literally one new kentucky fried chicken restaurant opening every single day in china, and i thought what a strange thing for a fast food chain to focus on and brag about, to actually consider it a good thing to be slowly eroding and destroying local cultures and traditions around the world by replacing one locally owned resturant at a time with their homogenized trash. there's a similar taco bell ad that boasts how 2 out of every 3 burritos eaten in the entire world is a taco bell burrito.. and they genuinely seem to expect us to be happy to hear about that. last week while driving to fedex i daydreamed about having a very young son who accidentally sliced off three of his fingers in front of me at an amusement park and having to suddenly spring into action and calm him down and yell for a cup of ice from a snack bar vendor. i could be back in photography tomorrow night. tonight i am animating a scene involving a monster eating a sheep. only all the sheep i drew came out looking like dogs so instead now it's a monster eating a cow. but my train came out looking pretty good
april, 29, 2007
have spent the last two weeks animating a train. there is a lot to draw on a train.
april 13, 2007
little scene animated tonight
april 11, 2007
i keep picking away and reshaping the script which is good but getting annoying because now i'm cutting and replacing a shot i'd just spent three days on. no more guy attacking bear shot... which, insult to injury, the animation had come out kinda nice on. but the pace and tone were from a different planet. last week i also threw out the ending i'd written, and now that's wide open again.. wish this thing would eventually settle..

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