In the spring from 1999 the Channel of Family Learning entrusted al encouraging Mr. Hertzfeldt to produce a series of promotional spaces for its channel.

The drawings were completed in five weeks. The Channel of Family Learning rejected them to all after revising them, and never they arrived at to be emitted...

"My spoon is too large" "My spoon is too large" "My spoon is too large" "I Am a banana"

You are seeing the Channel of Family Learning

"Already it arrives Tuesday, ¿you carry your shelter?"

"Alive in the pocket of a giant"


You are seeing the Channel of Family Learning

Only ridiculous hats are accepted

"You are seeing the Channel of Family Learning…

…and now some angry ticks burn in my nipples"

"Dime, ¿you want to be going to see a movie?" "I feel fat and that would be easy"

In the meantime, the Corporation Jonson & Mills was directed to Gift so that produced a series of announcements for its various homemade products.

When Gift delivered the announcements finalized, these were also rejected completely.

You trumpet of fish Johnson & Mills "¡Now with more sodium!" "Holy God!"

"I am the queen of the…"

Now with Vitamin C! Manure of beans and lard Johnson & Mills

"Oh affection, they see quickly, Puppy is giving its first steps"

I am a puto consumer! And as much as! Sauce of algae Johson & Mills

"¡To dance!, ¡everyone!" "¡It dances!" "The life is good" "This is amused" "My anus is bleeding" "My anus is bleeding" "By the love of God, My anus is bleeding"

The descent of Gift continued of a firm and clear way. Soon it was found finishing announcements only with its left hand.

Perhaps was the creative stagnation of the host in the advertising world, or a váter deeper for its individuality…

Without any significant contribution and being scarce any remaining reason or a coherent narrative structure, the drawings rejected grew unstable. They began to be destroyed.