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january 14, 2001
people on television singing and dancing in the streets over the taste of cola
more animating, nothing much new to report. i am getting a cold and am in a bad mood. my computer has been acting up, making clicking rattly noises a lot so don't be surprised if i suddenly disappear. i will try and write again before we all leave for sundance.

january 7, 2001
spent the weekend watching football and trying very hard to claw back into getting work done. had a big boost of confidence going through all that has already been animated. it's very easy to get mired down in all the busywork, lose sight, and get discouraged. just last night i was griping to rob about all the work i have been slogging through just to get to point A with this film. happily managed to fend off that exhaustion for now by stepping back and going through all that's been done so far. and how easy it should be to pull it together when the time comes. so point A is maybe not as far off as i had thought anymore. still, this one is probably going to break my back.

i've been also taking notes and going through my likely soundtracks for sequences, important for me to help map everything out in my head. i think this is going to be a really beautiful film. happy to report another round of classical music for this one. i can't express how important the music - or lack of music - has been for the films. "rejected" turned into a creative rescue mission of post soundwork in order to make that monster click... this one should weave together very simply.


january 3, 2001
no sleep and no sleep make don a sleepy sleep
"2001" started playing on tv at the stroke of midnight on new years eve which i thought was a nice touch. so we sat drunkenly through that all over again. i think the trip to sundance is getting organized now and i just bought new boots for bumbling around in the snow. will shoot all the pencil tests i did over the holidays tomorrow and hopefully all my little aches and pains will go away by then.

december 31, 2000
get better acquainted with your teeth
shut up shut up shut up
what is it with me and cars? this one violently broke down on the drive north to my parents' house. pushed it off the road, hiked to callbox, towed to gas station. there's something humbling about having to sit and watch people pump gas for four hours while waiting for a ride. i don't like cars. i've never liked cars. i don't understand people who like to rub cars with diapers. i've given every car i've ever owned some sort of impressive dent or scratch or enormous gaping hole and have run out of guilty feelings for them.

no cavities from the dentist but the girl who cleaned my teeth was really clumsy with the tooth scraping tool thing and kept jabbing and cutting open my gums with it. so she swabbed my gums with this topical anesthetic goo to make the pain go away but really only managed to spill the stuff all over my tongue and my lips instead, so my entire mouth was completely numb and bleeding everywhere and she says, "you need to floss more"

i write more real soon. i hope you all stay warm and have a happy new year...


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