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january 29, 2001
back home and back to work. i carried a cold to sundance that mysteriously vanished upon arrival in park city, but just returned to me the moment i set foot back home. i thought it was awful considerate of it to disappear for my trip, and it welcomed me like an old friend. in a very good mood today, swamped with catch-up work but it is WARM here and everything is going swimmingly. my agents are flooded anew with calls from those important people in los angeles that makes them happy (the most talked about film in sundance, they like to trumpet), so "rejected" couldn't have done a better job i guess. um well i guess aside from actually winning something

i have not yet tried cranberry wine, thank you marin. and thank you c.andrew for the little clay "rejected" figurines

have much work to get back on top of and an entire university course to start writing

january 28, 2001
sundance day eight
don says: last night at the festival and losing my voice. returned from the awards ceremony empty-handed, no big surprises there. rebecca arrived a few days ago and tonight was the first time our entire little 'rejected' crew was all in the same place at the same time, a little hard to believe. group hugs. bad salsa band at the party. have to get up really early and head home in time for the super bowl tomorrow. it's been a long fun crazy trip this year but the going home part has been perfectly timed. i think we're all ready. sorry for the lack of photos this go-round, but i promise to hoard everyone's non-digital pics next week and throw them all together in the gallery. ok kids we will meet again back in santa barbara..

rob says: Finally ran out of socks. Time to go home. It's been quite an amazing trip. I can't remember all the people we met. It was wonderful to finally hook up with Rebecca tonight. Her friends were great. I hope to see em back home. Saw Wet Hot American Summer this morning. Janeane Garofalo looked angry about being up that early. I am ready for home and loved ones, especially loved ones. I have to apologize to all of you for the spelling and the fact i ran out of interesting things to say a few nights ago. sigh. Oh well, It's been a blast! Thank you all for playing along at home.

tim says: Looks like this is our last entry for a while. We need some rest, and I too am out of socks. It's been quite a week. Many thanks to Don for having us along. Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to be back next year. In the meantime 'Rejected' has plenty of festivals left to play, so we hope to see you all there. Bye for now.

january 27, 2001
sundance day seven
rob says: We didn't catch any films today. Tomorrow we're gonna hit it early. Don won't drink liquor with us anymore. Tim and I are going to duct tape him to the television and force a martini down his throat. I've developed a new appreciation for dry socks. Today i made a sandwich out of cheerios and peanut butter. Supplies are running low. Tomorrow is our last day in the mormon arctic. We watched "Most shocking Moments caught on tape" volume 1 and 2 today. Before that I had never seen a jet plane crash into an ambulance that was tending to a sick elephant. Now i'm just rambling.

don says: fell down on the ice for the third time today. i am no longer fond of snow. rob just forced a drink into my hand. sort of just bummed around and relaxed today. spoke to some friendly kids here and there, fans of the films, wandered, said hello to bill again. just went to the latest sundance party. a small group of us found ourselves staring in wonder at a stunningly inebriated fat young lass who was perched atop a table, wobbling with her eyes closed. in slow motion, she sort of peeeeled off of the table and landed face first onto the linoleum. on our way out, her suffering friend was attempting to drag her across the snow drifts into their waiting car, and tim valiantly assisted while the rest of us stalled behind, fearing the inevitable torrents of vomit from her face. rob and tim are talking jive and are about to undertake the gin and tonics. tomorrow is the last day and the awards thingy. my fingernails are dirty. the wine is all gone.

tim says: Don is still wearing silly hats tonight, he can't shake it. He is feeling fat and sassy about his fancy depiction of our helping some nice drunken girls to their car. Rob has a splinter. Floyd Lloyd rocks! Happy happy to all our "I am a banana!" and "My anus is bleeding" friends on Main Street. You complete us. Kampai.

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january 26, 2001
sundance day six
tim says: Saw three movies today, so my eyes are dizzy if that's possible. Actually drank very little today so it wasn't due to that. Neofascist transformations, cajun houseboat life, and jet engines falling through the time/space continuum - who needs to drink? Universal Music sure knows how to throw a party (see photo). Lots of new snow today but not enough to force us indoors. I have finally figured out how to dress for this weather, and am now planning a trip to Antarctica to test my theories.

rob says: I didn't fall down today. yet. I saw a heap of movies today. blaaaaaaaaaaah. I watched half of View to a kill tonight. I'm determined to get more sleep tonight. There are great movies playing here but.....gooba dooba dang!!

don says: umm... i would not call tonight a sober evening. tonight is silly hat night. except for tim because he refuses to partake in the silly hats. saw three interesting films. snow almost all day. train of thought slowly dissolving. people in the room are defining 'prerequisite'. ok tim finally put on a silly hat. my knee is much better today, i am hobbling at a greater rate of speed. rob is about to pass out in the snow i swear to god. amy is taking photos that some may regret. here are some pictures.

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january 25, 2001
sundance day five
don says: just got in from the radiohead party. it finally started snowing tonight. on the way to our morning screening, i spectacularly fell down on the ice again, this time really smashing up my knee. it is quite swelling now and i can't really bend it. why do people let me outdoors? so i have been limpy all day, hobbling to and fro. rob has a styrofoam thing on his head.

Rob says: Gonna get up in four hours and try to find more tickets for movies. It started to snow on our way home. very nice. I have yet to see anyone from General Hospital. I'm not sure if an autograph will be enough to satisfy me. Tomorrow we shall find a cane for don. His new gangster walk is catchy. They are building a renaissance fair in the parking lot next to our condo. People in Utah know how to throw a party.

Tim says: Well, Ed will be happy with the shwag I send him from the Radiohead party. Lessons today in alternating ice and heat for a good blow to the knee (nimble Don). First real snowfall of the trip tonight. Half-hoping that we will wake up tomorrow morning under 12 feet of snow, but if not we go see some more movies. Love this life.

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january 24, 2001
sundance day four
don says: inebriated. just returned from the premiere party for linklater's animated 'waking life', which was lovely. went out for drinks with bill plympton and compared notes. tim and i were very excited to meet danny elfman. thank you to chris gore who gave our film five stars. more kids quoting lines from 'rejected' around town today. i am having focus problems with the keyboard right now so i'll pass this along to tim..

tim says: I met Danny Elfman tonight. That's all I have to say.

rob says: 'Waking life' was pretty incredible. I believe we scared Julie Delpy. I was willing to tackle Roger Ebert for a sum but no one would take me up on it. A long night of celebrity who could care less. We had a great time. Tommorrow is our last screening. No falling today. We're hoping to see 'memento' tommorrow.

january 23, 2001
sundance day three
don says: can't say i have been getting very much sleep. just got in from our third screening, which also went great. people are very friendly here. i can't say the film could be performing much better and people are taking pictures of me and it is awkward and i look at my shoes. late at night we crawl into the condo's shag carpet half-attic and play cards. nobody fell down on the ice today but rob's pants sort of exploded. no new pictures for you tonight because we forgot to take them.

rob says: they didn't explode. I was steping onto the bus and they sort of split. Nothing fell out but I was quite exposed for dinner. My eye balls hurt. it is very late. The screening went very well. I have discovered sushi. thank you tim. Not too much happened today, besides the screenings and the sushi and the pants spliting and the tornado. there was no tornado. I'm going to bed.

tim says: Yes, we got some sushi tonight so I am now feeling much more at home. Got more of a look around town today and there are an awful lot of people who really really want you to see their movie. Tomorrow we will actually go see one or two. Our 11:30pm screening tonight was worth staying up and braving the cold for. We are arguing about whether tonight's crowd was better than Saturday's. Very very tired now so nighty-night.

january 21, 2001
sundance day two
tim says: Had to take a cold shower today because I was the last to get up and all the hot water was gone. This happens to me a lot on vacation. Saw Farrah Fawcett on Main Street today. Rob and Don are applying temporary tattoos as I write this.

rob says: Met some important people today.

don says: saw a pretty good documentary tonight. i also slipped and fell down on an ice patch in a marvelously stupid fashion and hurt myself. from what i hear, everyone is talked about 'rejected' in very positive ways. many are quoting lines from the film around town, irritating the locals. which is great news. i don't think we are very eloquent tonight. rob and amy are playing cards. tim is leaning back in his chair staring quietly at the ceiling. alcohol. we will try and type prettier tomorrow. here are some pictures from today.

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january 21, 2001
sundance day one
hello from park city. here we are in a condo. we will do our very best to update every night we are here, with varying degrees of sobriety.

tim says: Loads of fun and madness today, topped off with a great screening where even the old bluehairs were beside themselves with laughter. And people in the lobby after the show even had very nice things to say about the sound. What more could you ask for? Uh, maybe temperatures in the double digits. ed says he saw tony hawk.

rob says: sweet jesus i can't feel my feet! A warm thank you to the nice people who connected us to billy's balloon. Gonna strap on the eye goggles now and gear us for another day of sunshine. Don's beard secretly scares me.....not so secretly. Thanks to Lance for driving us to the airport.

don says: i have had a lot of red wine. the screening went very well. there are many attractive people here. more soon...

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