production page ten

A Don's-eye-view of the art desk. The registration peg is where the animation papers go. A closer look at the desk surface reveals ghostly ink stains from productions past..

Famous last words, inked and re-inked onto the desk since the first production

Heavy pencil impressions of two characters from a current scene in the new film. The "dotted" horizontal line seen at bottom are in fact impressions from repeated characters walking back and forth across the screen. Stick figure footprints, if you will

Boxed up but not forgotten, the old unseen temporary anesthetics artwork being kicked around for a new project

...the two vertical lines seen here are remnants of inking the large flying saucer from Genre. The mess of black ink represents where the center of the paper(s) sits, and thus lots of layers of inking thru the years. Looking closely reveals many faded little eyes and mouths. Any fading traces of red ink seen on the desk comes from all of the blood in Rejected.

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