play safe, kids!
says mike judge
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Mike Judge's Venus Flytrap Worldtm ~ A spectacular living revue of plant growing, nonstop high octane botany action featuring Mike Judge's Live Venus Flytrap Webcam: SEE the plant grow in REAL-TIME! SEE the bulbs open and close! SEE the plant consume water! SEE sunlight patterns change across the plant's surface!

it is not serious all the time here at the animation show. here mike judge clowns around with his world famous plant. mike judge says, animation may be a nice hobby but my true passions are reserved for botany. particularly plants that kill things.
recent kills

don't feed the plant
hamburger meat,
suggests mike judge

mike judge is friends
with many black people

generous as always with his time and botany expertise, mike judge advises a friend from HOLLYWOOD, CA on proper frond care techniques.
the world famous venus flytrap, also known as the carnivorous bog plant, is native to the carolina savannahs. it bears several hinged leaves, borne in a low rosette, that resemble animal traps - hinged at the midrib, each half yields sensitive bristles and interlocking teeth that bear a color and sticky nectar that traps all manner of insects until fully digested. the great biologist charles darwin once called the venus flytrap the world's greatest plant. related genera of insectivorous bog plants, notably the widespread sundews (genus drosera), are found in many other parts of the world. naturally, the venus flytrap is classified in the division magnoliophyta, class magnoliopsida, order nepenthalesniales, and family droseraceae, says mike judge.

boy do i like nuts, says mike judge.

it is not all fun and games here at the animation show. here mike judge gets back to work on animating all of the films.

internationally known, nationally recognized, and locally respected, says mike judge.