art desk page one

Pages from Don's drawing book, circa age five.
As you can see, not much has changed since then.
Here a stick figure says, "bbbbbo!" to another, who looks on.

In this frame, a person says, "wa", as in, "wha?"
(Note the mysterious arm tapping him on the shoulder from the right frame).
He is inquisitive. The bald figure may be a bird thing. Shades of Picasso..


Here we see a fellow whose arms are apparently dangling from his genitals
who is standing with an unwanted midget - or dwarf - standing on top of his head.
Irked, the man exclaims, "GET OF(F) ME!"...

The little man on his head says, "OK!" This makes the other man happy.
He smiles, relieved that the elf thing has agreed to vacate his head...

...but no!!
The elf thing just hangs upside down from his head instead!
The man has been tricked! This makes him angry!
So angry in fact that he rises off of the ground
with steam coming out of his feet!
ha ha ha ha ha!! do you get it??

Here we find an early existentialist slant,
as a tiny figure surrounded by a void of nothing yells out, "POOOE!"
Note the other drawing showing through on the other side of the page..

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